Choosing the right beauty products

In fashion, skin care products and natural cosmetics have been around for decades. Many of us are currently looking to take care of our skin or hair. More informations : .Organic, ecological, ayurvedic, natural and ecological cosmetic products… are terms that could appear on the packaging of your favorite beauty products. Beauty treatments, care products and so-called “organic” make-up products are regulated by one or more labels dictating the rules to be put in place. In general, and whatever the certification in question, decorative products bearing a natural label contain a maximum of components of natural origin and are totally free of chemical substances such as parabens, endocrine disrupters….

Organic make-up

Organic make-up has the advantage of being more ecological… And of being good and gentle on your skin. It must be said that natural make-up – and more generally organic make-up – does not include synthetic ingredients in petrochemicals. These compounds such as parabens, phenoxyethanol and vitamin oils have been strongly criticized. They are suspected of having a negative effect on health. On the other hand, natural products have a significant but gentle influence on the skin. They are also the guarantee to use biodegradable materials. Essential oils, vegetable fats such as olive butter or shea butter, plant extracts, colourings and natural preservatives are the main ingredients. It is the perfect alternative for environmentally conscious girls who are careful about what they put in their faces. For more information, visit .

Essential oils

Essential oils can help you get the skin if they are applied to the skin of the face. Anti-wrinkle, as an acne treatment, to reduce discoloration, brown spots or to restore radiance to your complexion, choose them according to their own active ingredients… Essential oil is a concentrated nature that can immerse you in a feeling of well-being. being. This may include leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, seeds and roots. The oil is used in diffusion, oral and massage, and cosmetics. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties allow it to treat all kinds of disorders or inconveniences.

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